X-Men The Movie Tyler Mane as SABRETOOTH action figure

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SABRETOOTH is the mysterious giant of Magneto's Brotherhood.  The savage mutant brawler gained his nickname because of his incredibly keen animal-like senses of smell, sight and hearing.  His razor sharp bone claws and mutant healing factor that enables him to recover from almost any wound in minutes, make him a virtually unbeatable foe.  The unbelievably strong and ferocious hunter has nearly identical powers as the X-Man known as Wolverine and is obsessed with hunting and defeating him in combat in a no-holds barred fight to the finish.

Released by Toy Biz in 2000, this SABRETOOTH figure is new in the original packaging with minor shelf wear (scratches to the clam shell and bends to the card board).  Please see photos as this is the actual item that will ship to you.