The Avengers FALCON 5.5 inch action figure (1999)

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As the FALCON, Sam Wilson became the dedicated defender of Harlem.  Pledging to protect the innocent, Wilson used a falcon as inspiration when inventing high powered armor - extendable robotic wings for swift arial maneuvers and soaring flights, razor-sharp claws from wrist and battle boots with retractible steel talons and missiles.  He fights crime and shares a telepathic link with his trusty falcon, Redwing.  As one of Earth's mightiest heroes, he is always ready to answer the call..."AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!".  

This FALCON figure is new in the original packaging from 1999.  Package has shelf wear - bends to cardboard and scratches to clear plastic figure cover.  Please see pictures for item condition prior to purchase, as this is the actual item that will ship to you.