Star Wars Garazeb Orrelios and C1-10P "Chopper" Action Figures

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Star Wars

Garazeb Orrelios & C1-10P Action Figures

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Launch into action and adventure in the world of Star Wars! Discover the exciting stories of good versus evil in a galaxy of starships and vehicles. One of the last Lasats in the galaxy, this burly brawler, "Zeb", is capable of taking down a squad of Stormtroopers with his bare hands. The loyal Astromech droid of captain Hera Syndulla, C1-10P "Chopper" keeps The Ghost in fighting shape during its encounters with the Empire. This figure two-pack comes with Garazeb Orrelios and C1-10P figures from Star Wars.

Includes:  Action Figures with 2 accessories and 3 missile projectiles
Brand: Hasbro
Character Family:  Star Wars 
Character: Garazeb Orrelios & C1-10P "Chopper" 
Size/Scale: 3.75 inches
Materials: Plastic
Condition: New
Release Year: 2015
Region/Country Manufactured: China
MPN:  B3962/B3955
Recommended for Ages: 4+