Men in Black NEEBLE & GLEEBLE Action Figures

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MiB Alien Fact File: 

Case#: 1225-98F

Name: Neeble & Gleeble

MIB Classification: Bipedal Rigid Annelid (Worm Aliens)

All Worm Aliens are friendly but love to play practical jokes.  This may be a sign of affection on their home planet that drives all MIB agents crazy.  Worms came to Earth in search of caffeine (an illegal substance back home) and frequently get torqued up on high priced cappuccinos.  Their love of coffee spawned their greatest invention: non-dairy creamer.  Worms are also considered alien "slackers" whose main function seems to be hanging around coffee clutches and water fountains while making prank phone calls.

This set of Neeble & Gleeble figures was produced by Galoob in 1997 and is unopened in the original packaging.  Package has visible shelf wear - bends in the clamshell, price tag with sharpie marks and bends in the cardboard backing.  Please see the photos as this is the actual item that will ship to you upon purchase.