Marvel Super-Villains Vault - Typhoid Mary Action Figure 1998

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Marvel Super-Villains Vault

Typhoid Mary with Mechanical Straight Jacket

Ultron, Stegron, and Typhoid Mary...only three amongst dozens of twisted criminal minds locked away in the government-sanctioned super villain known as THE VAULT!

A specifically-designed, state-of-the-art prison for the super-powered criminals, THE VAULT has individual cells with shackles and restraints made for each inmate.  In order to avoid breakouts, THE VAULT is equipped with the best security measures available.  THE VAULT can withstand the strongest of attacks and keep trapped the most genius of criminal minds!

Suffering from a dual personality disorder since birth, TYPHOID MARY has never been what one would call a stable girl.  Mary is extremely reckless and dangerous when she falls into her TYPHOID persona, often steering her activities in a more criminal direction.  As TYPHOID MARY, she possesses low level telekinetic, pyrotechnic and psychic suggestive abilities.  In the past, Mary has allied herself with the notorious crime lord KINGPIN, but now she spends her days with numerous other criminals in the super-human prison known as THE VAULT!