Marvel Comics Iron Man WHIRLWIND 5 inch action figure (1995)

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A mutant born with the power to spin at superhuman velocities, WHIRLWIND delights in using his special talents to terrorize others  - first as the neighborhood bully, and now as a powerful costumed Super Villain!  Volatile and brutal, WHIRLWIND doesn't really care what target the evil Mandarin sends him to destroy - he'll obliterate it in an instant with maniacal glee!

WHIRLWIND is a 5 inch action figure that was produced in 1995 by Toy Biz in a collection of 7 figures from Iron Man.  This figure is new in the original packaging with minor wear to the clamshell front and cardboard backing.  Please see pictures for item condition, as this is the actual item that will ship to you upon purchase.