Marvel Collector Editions Marvel's Most Wanted - Spat and Grovel Action Figures

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In 1998, Toy Biz put together a special assortment of highly-anticipated action figures called "Marvel's Most Wanted!" based on requests from collectors for their favorite characters.  This series featured Blink, X-Man and Spat & Grovel.  

Little is known about this fearsome bounty hunter duo other than their mysterious link to the X-Man called Gambit.  Spat, as dangerous as she is beautiful, has the brains to go along with her superb fighting skills.  Grovel, Spat's monstrous counterpart, is the muscle of the operation, able to smash just about anything with but a swipe of his tail.  The X-Men have their hands full now, because Spat and Grovel always get their man by whatever means necessary!