ECTOTRON ECTO-1 Converting Transformer

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Commemorate 35 years of both Transformers and Ghostbusters with 1 awesome figure!
It is a world of constant change, where things are not what they seem. It is the world of the Transformers…and the Ghostbusters…a world of heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons…and ghosts!
Discover how these worlds collide in this Transformers-Ghostbusters mash-up pack! The iconic Ecto-1 Cadillac from the 1984 Ghostbusters movie is now a Transformers robot -- a converting Paranormal Investigator, called Ectotron!
Features: Converts between ECTO-1  Cadillac and Robot Ectotron modes in 22 steps! 
Includes:  Robot/ECTO-1 Figure, Slimer Figure, Blaster, Proton Pack,  and Instructions.  Package includes classic Tech Specs showing the capabilities of Ectotron, including strength, speed, and ghostbustabilty.
Brand: Hasbro
Character Family:  Ghostbusters
Character: Robot and ECTO-1
Size/Scale:  7 inches
Materials: Plastic
Condition: New
Packaging: Original (Unopened)
Release Year: 2018
Region/Country Manufactured: Vietnam
MPN:  E6017
Recommended for Ages: 8+