Batman & Robin - SKY ASSAULT BATMAN Action Figure Kenner 1998

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Gotham City becomes a very cold place when Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and Bane triple team to plot the icy demise of Batman & Robin.  The crimefighters respond immediately by using the Batcomputer deep within the Batcave to develop an array of cutting-edge weapons that can be used in their battle against this multitude of fiendish foes.  Discover the Secrets of the Batcave - secret technology that gives Batman, Robin & Batgirl the ultimate ability to save Gotham City!

This SKY ASSAULT BATMAN figure is based on the Batman & Robin Movie. This figure was released by Kenner in 1998, and it is new, unopened in the original packaging.  As is the case with many figures of this vintage, there is minor shelf wear to the packaging (scrapes on the plastic and bends in the cardboard backing).   Please see images for item condition as this is the item that will ship to you upon purchase.