Aliens 18" Alien Warrior Bronze 1:4 Scale Action Figure by Super7

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Aliens 18" Alien Warrior Bronze Edition Action Figure

The imagined successor to the 1979 Kenner Alien Toy.  Fully articulated Bronze Edition Alien Warrior with glow accents, the figure stands a HUGE 18 inches tall and can also hang from its tail like the original 1979 Alien figure. Comes in Retro Style packaging!

Features:  Trigger Operated Metallic Snapping Double-Jaws (Operated with a trigger on the back of the head like the original 1979 figure), Elongated Head, Creepy Claws, and a Bony Body.
Brand: Super7
Character Family:  Aliens
Character: Alien Warrior
Size/Scale: 18 inches/1:4 Scale
Material:  Plastic
Condition: New
Packaging: Original (Unopened)
Release Year: 2019
Region/Country Manufactured: China
Recommended for Ages: 15+